Shirley Foster has more than 20 years experience as a software engineering executive and has been successfully implementing and leveraging agile development practices since 1998.


As Vice President of Engineering for high-growth venture-funded SaaS and software product companies, Shirley has transformed multiple engineering organizations using agile, and established sustainable practices and processes for long-term success. Her results-oriented approach is designed to raise team performance and to establish a culture that will attract and retain top-tier talent.

Shirley excels at mentoring cutting-edge companies seeking to gain competitive advantage by leveraging agile, data-driven principles within and beyond engineering. Her success lies in her pragmatic, structured approach to agile adoption and her focus on evolving organizations beyond best practices to establishing new common practices based on the agile framework.

Shirley has proven expertise in B2B and B2C SaaS (Marketing Automation, Social Engagement, Collaboration, Email Security), Enterprise applications (Security, Data Loss Prevention) and Mobile App delivery. She has extensive executive and board level experience in venture-funded companies, leading several to successful liquidity events working with leading Venture Capital firms in Silicon Valley.

Specialties: Agile development, team-building, recruiting, career development, product delivery, SaaS, mobile, enterprise applications, software architecture, technical due diligence, patent filings.

Shirley can be reached at shirleyafoster@comcast.net for Engineering Leadership and Agile consulting services.


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